Some of our labels. Please click the links for more information.

Airbag Craftworks A2 Kleestadt / craftsmanship made in Germany
Armedangels fair & organic
Baaj Jewellery/ made in Berlin
Corelate / designer fashion made in Italy
Dedicated Sweden, fair & organic
Elvine Sweden
Far Afield Brighton UK, high quality and ethical menswear
Format Favourites Berlin / GOTS certified eco fashion, fairtrade, made in Berlin
Homecore France, made in Portugal / EU
Herb Berlin, made in Germany
Jonny´s Shoes / Germany, vegetable tanned leather, fair & handmade in Spain
Kings of Indigo / GOTS certified organic and sustainable denim wear
Knowledge Cotton Apparel / danish menswear fair & organic
Komodo UK, fair & organic
Les Racines du Ciel / fair & organic, baby alpaga wear spun and dyed in Italy
Loreak Spain, made in Portugal/ EU
Olow Nantes, made in Portugal/ EU
Pinqponq Cologne Germany/ stylish backpacks out of recyclet PET bottles
Recolution Germany / GOTS certified organic street wear
Suit DK Copenhagen/ scandinavian menswear
Thokkthokk Munich / GOTS certified organic street wear, fairtrade
Ucon Acrobatics Berlin / stylish city bags, many out of recyclet plastic
Veja Eco sneakers from France
Wemoto FFM / urban street wear
Z.B….Berlin designer fashion made in Berlin/ EU

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