In 2010, the Rotation Boutique emerged from the Berlin Rotation Recordstore that has been an integral center point of the capital’s Techno and House music scene since 2003. Vinyl is of course still available to purchase. Even if we can’t refrain from posting music or nightlife tips now and then in this blog, space is rather made here to present the designers, fashion labels and art projects that can be found in our Rotation Boutique in Berlin Mitte.

With fashion the outer image and the material are of course very important criteria. We find that outstanding design and good quality are the basic prerequisites. In choosing the labels for the Boutique we had further interests: how is the production? Where? Under what conditions and environmental considerations? Many of our represented designers have sustainable production qualities and give attention to fair trade. Most of what we offer features caring handcraft prepared in small workshops or production facilities: we don’t carry bulk goods. Therefore the products vary distinctly from each other, the designer cuts are individual and the sets are often limited. We’re talking about more than just clothing: it’s about design, creativity, handwork and our responsibility towards the environment.

For us music, fashion and art belong together. On the Rotation Boutique platform all these elements are brought together. In that way, next to great clothing and good music there will always be rotating art exhibitions or small cultural events showcased. Sometimes an entire wall will be incorporated, as in the opening of the Berliner artist Forn aka DAG and Herbert Druschke, sometimes photos from upcoming Berlin photographers will be shown or young authors will read from their latest pop culture creations. We are excited about all the possibilities that can happen in the Rotation Boutique.
On that note we say: RAVE ON to the next level!

We look forward to your visit, as well as your comments, ideas or suggestions!

Nikolaus Schäfer & Christine Giese

Tresen Vitrine Rotation Logo olow Rotation hinten2

Rotation Boutique Berlin
Weinbergsweg 3
10119 Berlin Mitte
fon: ++49(0)30-25329116
mail: post@rotation-boutique.de

mon-sat 12.00-19.00

We accept: Cash, EC, Maestro, Visa, Mastercard, Paypal. Tax Refunds available.

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  3. Hi, I was in Berlin few weeks ago only for three days, I rented a house right above your boutiqu. I saw your store window because it was closed on Sunday. I liked it. Because of my busy schedule I never come and vist because it was always late when I come and store was closed.

    I fell in love with one tee on your window. Plain white, pocket blue, and as if someone is diving in this pocket (water:)

    I could not find online shop, and could not see its brand. How can I have that? 🙂


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