Rotation x Temur Vol. 2: Christiane Köhne – brooches ‚Deutsche Singvögel‘

We are continuing the collaboration with our favourite Berlin jewellery store: Temur. We asked owner Ruth Temur to „lent“ us some of her designers for our boutique, as we think that the whole range on offer there stands out and should be seen (and worn!) by as many people as possible!C. Köhne - BraunkehlchenC. Köhne - RotkehlchenC. Köhne Kohlmeise

This time we have Christiane Köhne from Southern Germany. Hand-painted, wooden brooches lovingly depicting a range of German singing birds, such as Kohlmeise (parus major), Haubenmeise (parus cristatus) or Rotkehlchen (erithacus rubecula). The brooches come in various shapes and sizes and cost 95 Euros each. Every single piece is unique!

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